Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Axe - Exicte

AXE Brazil teamed up with the BBH agency to present a new provocative commercial just in its usual teasing and tongue-in-cheek style. Now, the story is centered on the divine creatures of the universe who come down to earth and turn into mortal ones just because of AXE Excite (and the guy wearing it). The fragrance can make you forget the rules and commitments, because even heaven can’t resist the temptation when smells this alluring scent.

The new advert, entitled ‘The Fall (Angels),’ feature a rooster of international fashion models, such as Magda Klebanska (Poland), Adewole Betty and Frances Phillips (Britain), Sara Sampson and Josipa Jankovic (Portugal), Ivanovic Josipa and Iva Grdic (Croatia). They are angels, which come down from the skies when the leading character (Domenico Clores) sprays the new Axe all over his chest. They get together and come up to the handsome guy when he is about to ride away on his motorbike, take their nimbus and crash them to prove that they can break with their past just to be with him. Naturally, the man is greatly astonished by the effect (since the packaging hasn’t warned of this ‘danger’).

The spot was developed by a production team of 40 members, and the city of Split, Croatia, was selected as the place of the ‘Fall.’ Rupert Sanders was directing the commercial, and Cedric Nicolas (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring) was supervising the special effects.


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Blogger Lewis said...

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Blogger Lewis said...

who's the model that falls through the clothes lines?

11:29 AM  
Blogger jessi said...

please tell me who the girl with the lips is with the close up?

11:25 AM  

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