Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Axe 2012 - Apocalistrip

According to Mayan Prophecies, the end of the world will occur in 2012.
And there are two ways it may find you: WITHOUT HOPE OR WITHOUT CLOTHES ON. That´s why we have developed and Online Interactive Film & Game for our customers to fullfill their fantasies before THE APOCALYPSE: Presented by our host, Charles Barwin, an anthropologist with Mayan Research background (note: Antro (anthropologist) in Mexico means "Bar" or "Nightclub") customers can pick a hot fantasy and live it 1st person thru a CUSTOMIZED VIDEO (previously entering their name)
This allows them to be the main star of the fantasy and with his name in the scenes, with the possibility to share it ON ALL OF THEIR PROFILES in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
So enter your name choose from the list of the 2012 HAPPY END of THE WORLD FANTASIES and enjoy:

The Fantasies:
MARRIAGE WITH SWEDISH TWINS AT LAS VEGAS. Elvis will marry you and a couple of Stockholm born twin blondes.
MUD WRESTLING REFEREE. Be the one to decide who is the winner in this female mud fight
TWO FLIGHT ATTENDANTS IN THE BATHROOM- A 10,000 meters altitude Airline style threesome
SEDUCE A POLICE WOMAN. What would you do to avoid paying that red light ticket?
ONE NIGHT AS A ROCKSTAR. That means one night signing autographs on your very one groupies
SUPERMODEL´S PERSONAL TRAINER. She doesn´t really needs the gym. But who cares.

RESULTS- 23.512 downloads in the first 15 days. So this is howwe turned APOCALYPSE into an APOCALIPSTRIP. AXE 2012, Special Edition. HAPPY END OF THE WORLD

Advertiser/Client: UNILEVER
Product/Service: AXE FRAGRANCE
Advertising Agency: CIRCUS Mexico City, MEXICO


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