Monday, June 27, 2011

Lynx Dry - Full Control 48h

Model and dating guru Lucy Pinder has been announced as the new face of Lynx Dry: Full Control 48-hour anti-perspirant. Following in the footsteps of Abbey Clancy, Kelly Brook and Keeley Hazell, Lucy will star in two new digital games created to see if guys can control their Premature Perspiration (and Lucy!).

Lucy Pinder says, “It’s so exciting to be the new Lynx Girl, especially on a project like this. You can meet the best looking and funniest man but if he starts getting sweaty it is a big turn off. I can’t wait to see if guys will be able to control me...”
The first of the two games, Pindering, allows men to literally take control of Lucy in a huge array of ‘situations’, leaving imaginations to run wild By typing in action words, such as ‘Spilling’, Lucy will obey and carry out the command in her own, very sexy way. Guys just have to make sure they control their Premature Perspiration as well.

Keyboards across the country are set to break as the second of the two games tests your stamina by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘X’ buttons continuously The longer you can ’control’ the keys, the more Lucy reveals. If you break down and ‘Prematurely Perspire’, Lucy waves goodbye and you are left alone contemplating how things may have been different.

The games launches on June 20th. Visit or to find out what Lucy will do for you.

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