Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lynx - "Use Religiously"

The ad above for Lynx was recognised at this year's Chip Shop Awards.
It's an absolute cracker.
And would never ever see the light of day if presented to a client.

Brand: LYNX
Company: Rockfield Media
Credited Individuals:
Stephen Billington(Rockfield Media),
Richard Shawcross Shawcross(Rockfield Media)

About the Chip Shop Awards

The Chip Shop Awards is about fostering and recognising creativity with no boundaries and no rules.   It's an international creative awards, open to anyone with great ideas.

One of the best ways to establish creative reputation is to win awards.  But for those starting out in the business, meeting the rules of the 'normal' awards schemes can be difficult - you need to meet criteria such as minimum media spend, dates that work ran, proof that your client approved it.

The Chip Shop Awards is there to recognise that the best ideas don't always fall within the rules.  This is a worldwide advertising and design competition that has no rules.

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