Friday, February 04, 2011

Lynx - Dry Research Facility

Lynx Labs are located in an underground bunker surprisingly close to where you’re sitting right now. It’s purpose? To further research the power of the ‘Lynx Effect’ and increase it through research and development.
In short, we work behind the scenes to make sure she ends up in your arms.
In fact, if you’re a man, we estimate that you almost certainly have us to thank for at least one female encounter. You’re welcome.
Our qualified, highly trained staff of scientists and researchers have undergone a series of stringent tests. We are proud to boast the most agile, passionate and hands on team in the field.
We fight daily against the widespread epidemic sweeping across the country... Premature Perspiration

 Apparently, you have to "Refer a Friend" to access the content which then personalizes content for your friend... and then the loop goes on. Interesting new campaign from Lynx in Australia.