Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lynx - Celebration

As everyone on the planet knows, this summer the 2010 World Cup Finals are taking place in South Africa. Axe/Lynx wanted to continue its tradition of providing an Axe/Lynx point of view on major cultural events relevant to Axe/Lynx guys. This summer Lynx/Axe produced a series of patriotic posters for some of the competing nations in this summer’s World Cup finals. The posters were produced for a number of countries, aiming to latch onto and evoke the nations pride during the finals. The posters capture an infamous celebration known throughout the football community, one that crosses cultures and can be understood whatever the language. Hopefully, if guys use Axe/Lynx during the tournament, it will be the girls that will be celebrating.

Advertising Agency: BBH, UK

Creative Director: Dominic Goldman

Art Director: Dean Woodhouse

Copywriter: Hugo Bierschenk

Design & Retouching: Gary Mead, Alex Murray

Planner: Tim Jones

Engagement Planner: Ben Shaw

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