Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AXE - Girls

A new and fresh approach from AXE. In this new campaign, with the great voice over, we see men trying to keep up with various types of girls.
AXE teaches guys how to “stay cool” in situations that might be irritating or stressful and always remember that patience is really rewarding.
The series, developed by BBH London and directed by Tim Godsall, are promoting AXE Shower Gel—the key idea here is that no matter hard it may be to keep up with high-achieving women, it definitely pays back.
The ads, narrated by Nick Offerman, pair the five shower gels and their “sensory properties” to the five types of girlfriend (in Axe world): brainy, party, flirty, sporty, and high-maintenance.

“OK, it’s tough to bear. But the good news is that the next up on her to do list is you,” says the voiceover, and this phrase turns to be the tagline of the campaign. Don’t be afraid of difficulties and don’t forget that every cloud has a silver lining.

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