Saturday, March 29, 2008

40 hot girls share the chocolate man

A week ago or so, São Paulo, the biggest city in South America stopped to watch 40 hot girls only on their underwear. The women were provocatively eating hands and feet shaped chocolate bars at the windows of buildings located on the main areas of São Paulo. No need to say the people passing by got astonished and shot pictures and videos– some of them you can check out on YouTube.

The story spread fast through the Brazilian blogosphere and won press coverage in the main local media. The happening is said to be the first great viral marketing strategy in Brazil this year.

Later on, a hotsite with pictures of the girls eating chocolate was launched at It pointed on Google Maps where the hot ladies were standing and linked the girls' profiles on Orkut, the most popular social network in Brazil.

The mistery created a big buzz and in less than 24 hours bloggers found out the connection between the event and Axe Dark Temptation Chocolate Man.

[Thanks Gisele]