Saturday, June 27, 2009

Axe Detailer

A shower tool for men. Available in packs of 4 on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Axe Lounge - first branded nightclub

For the summer of 2009, Dune (a big club on Southampton’s main party strip, North Sea Road) has teamed with Unilever, owner of AXE, to bring you Southampton’s first branded nightclub venture; now, the former will be known as AXE Lounge at Dune.

Axe will pay Dune for the space, but not the promotion. AXE will not share any revenue from the club, either. The team effort is modeled after a typical brand sponsorship, but for an entire season, rather than one night. AXE Lounge will feature a sponsored DJ booth with guest appearances, branded menus and valet tickets, AXE themed drinks and products in the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

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AXE - Hair Crisis Relief

Ever wanted a room full of women focused on critiquing your personal appearance?
to the new Axe 100 Girls site, which supposedly shows if your hair is "girl-approved." The faux Web cam is part of the Axe Hair Crisis Relief campaign, which recently hurled a pig and a bucket of water at an unfortunate young man.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Lynx - Get in there

50% of people online in Europe have asked someone on a date using email, 20% of guys between 16-24 met their girlfriend online. Guys are spending more and more time playing the seduction game online. This posed a threat to the brand promise. We needed to encourage guys to get back out there chasing girls in the real world, by equipping them with the right knowledge and tools. Using the mobile phone is the best way to do this. Guys have it on them all the time and it's with them when they're out chasing girls. Their challenge was to encourage boys who flirt online to get out there talking to real girls, where the Lynx product can play a role. A series of 6 mobile applications were created, the first 2 are sonic tools aimed at a girl's laughter spot: Lynx FX - a smorgasbord of witty sound effects to your night out. Fit Girl Finder - sat-nav for your love life. A honey radar & heart beat monitor rolled into one. The Lynx Get In There UK campaign officially launched in February of 2007. There have been an impressive 40,000+ downloads of the mobile content from and through viral spread. Silver Media Lions Winner, 2008.

Agency: BBH London, United Kingdom.

Axe Anthem

Production Company: Mekanism (Tommy Means)