Thursday, April 23, 2009

Axe Dry - Canadairman

Axe launched Canadairman, a dude who, because he sweats so much, is used as a means to extinguish a raging fire enveloping a residential area.

On the site, the campaign is extended to widgets, mobile, wallpaper and, of course, a Facebook page.

Agency: Buzzman

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Axe Dry - Fire Hydrant

Monday, April 20, 2009

Axe Sweden - The Armpit Oracle

Short video documentary about Olaf Johansson who discovers a weird talent of predicting the future by sweating.

Get your own predictions at (for free, of course)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Axe Body Wash - So Cute

This spot was by Joaquin Cubria and Ignacio Ferioli from Vegaolmosponce. Marcelo Burgos was the Director from Garlic Films along with Pancho Alcaine as the Director of Photography. Luis Ramirez was the Art Director from the production company and Pablo Plant was the Editor. Post-production was done by Miopía. The music for this piece was an adapted version of Tchaikovski’s Sleeping Beauty by Swing Musica.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Axe Bullet

Advertising Agency: BBH, New York, USA
Photographer: Hans Gissinger
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Roddy
Creative Directors: William Gelner, Matt Ian, Amee Shah
Art Director: Andre Massis
Copywriter: Jordan Kramer

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Axe 3: Integrated campaign

Axe 3 is a set of two deodorant whose fragrances called "1" and "2" work independently but, when mixed, create a third fragrance: Axe 3. This product proposition, novel from its very conception, required a high impact campaign to generate product trial and, at the same time, needed to be anchored in the territory of seduction (Axe's territory) while fundamentally not leaving any doubt regarding what the product was communicating: mixable fragrances. The campaign was thought out in such a way so that the consumer would receive the clear message that it's good to mix and that, when it comes to seduction, they could expect even better results. Each medium had as its base the mix of woman but approached from a specific angle, thereby managing to talk ownership of the world of combinations/mixes.

Advertising Agency: Vegaolmosponce Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Hernán Ponce
Client Service Director: Vanina Rudaeff
Integrated Communications Director: Gonzalo Vidal
Creative Director: Sebastián Stagno/Rafael D'Alvia
Regional Brand Director: Néstor Ferreyro
Integrated Creative Director: Marcela Augustowsky
Integrated Brand Director: Hernán Zamora
Copywriters: Matias Corbelle, Diego Sanchez
Integrated Art Director: Juan Manuel Blasco
Integrated Copywriter: Julian Ibarlucea
Brand Planning Director: Diego Luque

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Axe Cottage

Advertising Agency: Zig, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director: Craig Ferguson
Copywriter: Steven Barr
Producers: Anna Tricinci
Team Leader: Rhonda McCabe
Strategic Planner: Subtej Nijjar

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Axe Full Moon Party

This spot was shot in Prague. The marionettes were produced by Norman Tempia. The main marionettes were manipulated by Scott Land. Inspired by the film Team America.

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Lynx: Anti - Soap squad

The Lynx/Axe babes are back, this time from Australia in the form of the Lynx Anti-Soap Squad or LASS. Witty. As with all Lynx/Axe efforts, the work panders to the typical high school kid who thinks about sex 24/ other words, the entire male race. Framed like a COPS episode, two Lynx girls, dressed in police uniforms you wish actual police officers (female ones, that is) wore all the time prowl for guys who use regular bar soap as if it were a crime.

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BBH: The Axe effect

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle & Hegarty Asia Pacific, Singapore
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Steve Elrick
Art Director: Hoon Pin Kek
Photographer: Geoff Ang
Production Managers: Asmanic Yang, Owen Lee
Retoucher: Procolor
Account Management: Lesley Anne John
Agency Producers: Michelle Tay, Xenia Tan, Jasmine Quek
Published: February 2008

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Axe Shower Gel: Stickers

Art director: Rod Henriques

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